Antonio “Carita” Nieves fight recap and interview


Antonio Nieves

Past weekend, Amatuer champion and now Pro boxing prospect Antonio “Carita” Nieves improves to 4-0 with an impressive 3rd round KO of Hector Gonzalez in his Puerto Rico debut and growing in popularity.

We caught up with Nieves:

TA: Good Job Antonio! With your first fight in Puerto Rico, was this a tough fight?
AN:The fight was a bit tough at first until I started getting my groove!
TA: What was the winning strategy to get the KO?
AN: I don’t look for the knock out I fight my fight and do what I have to to get the victory, the KO just makes it a little sweeter! Lol
TA: So what is next for Team Nieves?
AN: Back working hard in the gym and working on May 25th!
TA: Any shout outs?
I want to give a shout out to my team old school boxing/ strongstyle , to all the people that help this last trip happened Tru Assassin, Top of the Line Barber Shop, Rincon Criollo, A&Z construction, and Joseph Delguyd! Couldn’t do it without their help! Also to all my family and friends my coaches Francis Figueroa Joseph Delguyd, Cal Crowell and every single person that gives me support! Thank you guys so much!

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