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Cleveland Fighter Enters UFC

Cleveland fighter Jessica “Evil” Eye steps up her game in a major way this week with her big opportunity to sign with the UFC and the chance to show high level skills against ultra competitive competition on the big stage.
With Bellator releasing their remaining three women, Felice Harrig immediately signs with Inctiva and Jessica Aguilar soon to follow suit.

Jessica "Evil" Eye

Jessica “Evil” Eyewith Invica and Jessica Aguilar is expected to follow suit.

Eye steps out of the crowd and joins The bantamweight division in the UFC and working on a debut in October against Sara Kaufman.

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TRUassassin Fight Gear names Jeremy Abram “TRUassassin Cleveland Golden Gloves Boxing MVP”

TRUassassin Fight Gear golden gloves MVP has to go to Jeremy Abram from Old School Boxing Club in the 132lb division with 3 tough bouts against strong competition.

First bout with hard punching Alejandro “Popo” Salinas. Abram came out boxing utilizing the jab and fighting from long range in the beginning, but then was lured into heavy exchanges falling into Salina’s comfort zone. At the end, its Abrams high work rate and accurate power punching that pulls him through in a close 3rd round decision.

Jeremy Abram

Jeremy Abram

Next up is tough Deloren Gray who came down from 141 to 132lbs division in hoping to bring down his big punching power. Start of this interesting bout, Abram brings his bread and butter, popping his jab and working the angles. In between the heavy exchanges, Abram used his height and speed beating Gray to the punch and winning rounds 1 and 2. round 3 starts the same. Middle of the round, Gray finds himself inside connecting heavy shots giving Abram the standing 8. After shaking off heavy artillery, Abrams unleashes Beautiful combinations nearly stopping his weary opponent before the bell, stealing the 3rd round convincingly.

Abram’s final bout against gritty Tyler Smith, Jeremy boxed masterfully employing his explosive 1-2 combinations finding a home for the right hand several times as Smith absorbs punishment and kept coming forward with big shots but landing mostly gloves and elbows from the effective defense of Jeremy Abram. The 132lbs Cleveland representative wins all exchanges and sweeps 3 rounds winning the 132 lbs division and goes on to compete in Salt Lake City Utah.gg40

We got to catch up with Abram for an interview:

TA: What was the difference this year to dominate the 132lbs division?

JA: The difference was the Jab! I controlled all my fights with the jab used my height kept my distance & Showed Ring Generalship.

TA: what is next after the tournament?

JA: What’s Next is to Go to Nationals & Win that also. Bring the Championship back home to the 216! After that, Plans are to Turn Pro & continue to Improve & Get Better!

TA: Any shout outs?

JA: I would Like to Thank my Coach Joseph Delguyd & Alex Cooper 1st off! & all of my Old School Boxing team for support! All helped in making me better

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Lights out management LLC links up with TRUassassin fight gear

TRUassassin Fight Gear links up with Lights out management as TA will be supporting Cleveland and Youngstown fighters. With young talent coming out of Youngstown area, these young fighters are making they’re mark in the amateur and professional ranks with the teamwork and support of Light out Management. Next assignment, Darnell Boone looking to improve in the rematch with “superman” Adonis Stevenson March 22nd in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Boone (the under dog) in stunning fashion knocking out the Canadian prospect Stevenson in round 2 of their first bout.

“Lights Out Management, L.L.C. of Youngstown, OH. brings over 50 years of experience to the ring. We specialize in the management/ promotion of boxers looking to make the most of their time in the squared circle! We’ve promoted some of the best professional and amateur fights shows in the Mahoning Valley. If you’re interested in dealing with an honest, hard working Company look no further! Your Lights Out Management Team: Promoter- James “Jimbo” Infante, Jeremy Simpson, Tommy Cordell, Michael Cefalde, Michael Cefalde Jr., & Bob Clemens.”

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TRUassassin Fight Gear provides fighters and fight fans with quality boxing and MMA gear along with stylish clothing

NAAFS “Night of Champions 2012” Fight of the year canadate

Dustin Kempf Isaiah Chapman staredown

Dustin Kempf Isaiah Chapman staredown

The NAAFS “Night of the Champions 2012″ Held last night in Medina Ohio at the Medina Community center with a dynamic turn out of very exciting and competitive bouts as amateur belts were on the line.
One fight in particular comes from the main event with the match up between Dustin Kempf and Isaiah Champman.
These two warriors battled from the amazing stare down till the bloody end.
This violent clash of back and forth non stop action from both fighters who clearly had the desire and will to win gave the fans exactly what they came to see, BOOLD AND GUTS!
With Kempf’s gritty smash mouth style and wrestling, Dustin used some very good submission skills in applying the triangle choke in which we thought was the finishing move. Then the heart of Chapman comes though weathering the storm with a spectacular escape.
Chapman had stellar moments backing Kempf up on the cage pouring a barrage of headshots with fist and elbows as the referee looking on for a Kempf response before a stoppage. amazingly Kempf comes back with his own headshots backing the former amateur champion Chapman up putting him on the defense.
At the end of the day, it was Isaiah Chapman’s heart and condition that peered through while stopping an exhausted Kempf in the second in a grueling fight which to many is a strong candidate for the ” NAAFS Fight of the Year”

Other exciting bouts includes Dominic Mazzotta winning the NAAFS 145lbs title in a technical bout against Hanson

JT Miller from Strongstyle dismantles Irvine Jones in round 1

RJ Buck defeats Eric Gifford by unanimous dec.

Corey Dulaney defeats Dustin Passalacqua by a controversial dec.

Dan Stevenson defeats Wayne Lanum to win the 205lbs title

Stephen Schlater defeats Nick Halkides by unanimous dec and wins the 185lbs title

Fadi Shuman defeats Nick Browne and gaining the 155lbs title

Jerrell Hodge defeats Shane Valko in a technical bout and gaining the 135 lbs belt

Dominic Mazzotta defeats Wes Hanson in technical fashion and winning the 145lbs title.

Torrance Taylor defeats Gino DiGiulio with a TKO in round 2

Check out the NAAFS Night of Champions 2012 fight photos

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TRUassassin Fight Gear and Apparel sponsors “Smokin” Joe Heiland at NAAFS Caged Vengeance in Streetsboro OH

TRUassassin Fight Gear and Apparel is pleased to announce the sponsorship of with “Smokin Joe Heiland (@realJoeHeiland) in his upcoming bout at NAAFS: Caged Vengeance 12 on October 20th. Joe Heiland will square off with lightweight Jon Washington who recently lost a hard battle with prospect Lance Palmer at the UVC in August.Prior to that, he defeated Wisconsin’s “Captain” Morgan Sickinger (9-6) in the main event at Big Bully MMA in Niles, Ohio in May 2012.

Heiland (7-2), collegiate wrestling champion and college student standout, comes off a win from tough Andrew Osbourn at the NAAFS “Fight Night in the Flats” where he went into an all out war pulling ahead with a tough decision and looks to improve to 8-2 with a big win over Washington.

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POPULAR BELLATOR MIDDLEWEIGHT BRIAN ROGERS JOINS FUNDAFIGHTER.COM announced Monday that the latest fighter to join the growing fighter fundraising hub is Bellator standout Brian Rogers and that half of the funds raised by his first campaign will go to improving the technological resources at LEAP, the Ohio-based education center for emotionally and behaviorally-challenged youth that the former special education teacher used to teach at before leaving to pursue fighting full time. The other half will go towards offsetting Rogers’ training camp expenses for his Bellator 78 bout at the end of this month in Dayton, Ohio.

Rogers says that the LEAP program is in desperate need of new computers and that he is hopeful that through fan support and FundaFighter, he will be able to provide the school with the necessary funds to purchase new equipment.

“When I worked for the LEAP program they were very supportive of my MMA career, giving me time off for fights and to train. This year, as much as it was a disappointment, I took a step back from my teaching position at LEAP to focus fully on my mixed martial arts career,” Rogers explains. “My former co-workers are still my good friends and I even have one of my training partners who works for the program. I wanted to do something to give back to them and to the kids, which is why I partnered with FundaFighter to start this campaign.”

“[FundaFighter] provides an opportunity for the fans and Backers of fighters they like or respect to truly support them or a charity or cause that’s important to them,” Rogers points out.” “Most fighters don’t get pay-per-view percentages or ticket percentages from the fans, so in this situation the fans can actually really directly support the fighter. FundaFighter is the voice of the fans to the fighter.”

Raising the bar for Backer incentives, “The Professional Predator,” as he has recently been anointed due to his polished look outside the cage and his gentlemanly demeanor with the press, will be offering his number one fan the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk him out for his October 26 Bellator bout. The unique fan experience will likely make one lucky supporter the envy of his or her friends. founder Robbie Stein says it was Rogers’ enthusiasm for his fighter crowdfunding model and his dedication to providing his supporters unique, valuable rewards like these that made the partnership happen.

“I’m so happy for Brian to be a part of FundaFighter. He is an amazing fighter and person, and his rewards are incredible. He really gets the concept and we’re confident that his campaign for this very worthwhile cause will be a successful one,” Stein says. “We couldn’t be more excited to have him on board.”

Rogers’ campaign will run from October 1 to December 1, with a goal of raising $4000.

Brian is available for interviews regarding his FAF sponsorship and his Bellator 78 bout