“The Best Of Boxing Series” Back in action

Cleveland amateur boxing returns at the Woods King National Guard Armory in Highland Hts Ohio Saturday Feb 21st 2015  promising more interesting match ups with top regional amateurs also presented by King of the Ring boxing. THIS WILL BE A TELEVISED AMATEUR SHOW!10523560_895322973845487_1457923019243567895_n

There will be champions crowned as the tournament finals end from previous “The Best of Boxing Series. ” Winners go home with a crown and bragging rights!  TRUassassin Fight Gear also will be naming MVB of the night with giveways!

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TRUassassin Fight Gear Sponsors Wilkins Santiago California Bout

Lorain Ohio native and contender Wilkins Santiago 10-0-1 puts his undefeated record on the line against tough Louis Alfredo Lugo,  journeyman from Richmond California whom had tough bouts against Adrian Broner and Danny Garcia and looking to play the spoiler on August 2nd in Pleasanton CA.

Santiago coming out of a rigorous training camp out of  Hayward CA training sparring with the likes of Levan Ghvamichava (Silver Medalist from Russia), Karim Mayfield, and ultra talented  Andre Berto.

Wilkins "The Hispanic Hurricane" Santiago

Wilkins “The Hispanic Hurricane” Santiago


We caught up with Wilkins

TA: Any special preparations for this fight with Lugo?

WS: Hard grind bro, we ready from every angle! Just intense training with a heavy stable and a top-notch coach staff OG aka Bobby Wells and Virgil Hunter, enough said!

TA: Any predictions on the fight?

WS: Must win! Keep your eyes open and don’t blink!

TA: any special shout outs?

WS: Shout out to Truassassin, Sammy Aponte and Freddy back home also all the fans and supporters!


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New Arrival TRUassassin Hoodys

TRUassassin Fight Gear and Apparel releases the new Hoody line which is now available online.

Boxing Hoody

Boxing Hoody

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Cleveland Amateur boxing returns!


Live Amateur boxing comes to Cleveland this weekend hosted by Boxin N Divas bringing “Battle of the Champions” where top amateurs take on out of town boxing teams TBA.
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NAAFS Combat Challenge Recap

Great match ups and great competitive amateurs bouts last night in Akron at the NAAFS combat challenge 25. Starting the action, 135 lbs division Seth Shaffer shows his technical skills winning all three rounds over game opponent Ray GIllies. Next up good prospect from rising dragon Hassan Crutcher coming up short in a grueling battle with gritty Cody Tominack who enters the 185 lbs finals.
One of the impressing displays of technical skills comes from the Ronin training center Nick Foxhuber as he surgically picked apart tough Fadi Shuman and taking out his opponent in the 2nd to advance to the finals.
Jeff Hughes utilized some good boxing skills and accurate sharp jab along with good ground skills to pull off the second round submission via rear naked choke over undefeated James Bunn and advances in the 265 lbs division.
Josh Krizan takes out Caleb Fickert with a strong wrestling game and pretty throws keeping the fight on the ground and advancing in the 170lbs division in an unanimous decision.
Very interesting match up with Jerrell Hodge taking on Cheyne Jenkins in a close battle till the “Thunder cat” seals the deal with a 2nd round submission and Hodge advancing in the 145lbs division.
Next up, home town favorite and MMA’s “Dream Killer” JT MIller dismantles his Canadian opponent with a blistering right hand and momentarily separates Cory Bresson from consciousness and going on to implement the ground and pound stopping his opponent and advancing to the 185lbs division finals.
Nick Browne taking on tough Izzy William shows intelligent fight strategy keeping William off his feet and on his back grinding out a good decision and advancing in the 155lbs division.
The nights main event and TRUassassin “Fight of the Night” comes with RJ Buck from the Strongstyle Fight Team taking on Rising Dragon’s undefeated Tobias Taylor. This interesting match up gave the fight fans what they pay to see, back and forth action with Buck getting rocked a few times to only come back to pull off a 3 rd round submission via armbar.



Finals match ups:

Seth Shaffer vs
Cody Tominack vs JT Miller 185
Nick Foxhuber vs Nick Browne 155
Jeff Hughes vs. 265
Josh Krizan vs. 170
Jerrell Hodge vs RJ Buck. 145

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TRUassassin Fight Gear and Apparel sets up at NAAFS Combat Challenge 25

This weekend Oct 5th, TRUassassin will be teaming up with the NAAFS at Chapparells Community Center, 2418 S. Arlington Rd., Akron Oh. posted up with latest TA T shirts, come check us out at the NAAFS booth!

There will be a very interesting ammy match ups scheduled and anticipating a strong crowd along with UFC Fighters Stipe Miocic and Jessica “Evil” Eye and Bellator fan Favorite Brian “The “Predator” Rogers in attendance.

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Big shout out to our last giveaway winner Kathleen Schneiderman of the Jessica “Evil” Eye autographed Mma gloves.

This Halloween, the contest giveaway continues with an autographed TRUassassin Tee by TA’s fighter spotlight TBA.

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Cleveland Fighter Enters UFC

Cleveland fighter Jessica “Evil” Eye steps up her game in a major way this week with her big opportunity to sign with the UFC and the chance to show high level skills against ultra competitive competition on the big stage.
With Bellator releasing their remaining three women, Felice Harrig immediately signs with Inctiva and Jessica Aguilar soon to follow suit.

Jessica "Evil" Eye

Jessica “Evil” Eyewith Invica and Jessica Aguilar is expected to follow suit.

Eye steps out of the crowd and joins The bantamweight division in the UFC and working on a debut in October against Sara Kaufman.

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TRUassassin Fight Gear names Jeremy Abram “TRUassassin Cleveland Golden Gloves Boxing MVP”

TRUassassin Fight Gear golden gloves MVP has to go to Jeremy Abram from Old School Boxing Club in the 132lb division with 3 tough bouts against strong competition.

First bout with hard punching Alejandro “Popo” Salinas. Abram came out boxing utilizing the jab and fighting from long range in the beginning, but then was lured into heavy exchanges falling into Salina’s comfort zone. At the end, its Abrams high work rate and accurate power punching that pulls him through in a close 3rd round decision.

Jeremy Abram

Jeremy Abram

Next up is tough Deloren Gray who came down from 141 to 132lbs division in hoping to bring down his big punching power. Start of this interesting bout, Abram brings his bread and butter, popping his jab and working the angles. In between the heavy exchanges, Abram used his height and speed beating Gray to the punch and winning rounds 1 and 2. round 3 starts the same. Middle of the round, Gray finds himself inside connecting heavy shots giving Abram the standing 8. After shaking off heavy artillery, Abrams unleashes Beautiful combinations nearly stopping his weary opponent before the bell, stealing the 3rd round convincingly.

Abram’s final bout against gritty Tyler Smith, Jeremy boxed masterfully employing his explosive 1-2 combinations finding a home for the right hand several times as Smith absorbs punishment and kept coming forward with big shots but landing mostly gloves and elbows from the effective defense of Jeremy Abram. The 132lbs Cleveland representative wins all exchanges and sweeps 3 rounds winning the 132 lbs division and goes on to compete in Salt Lake City Utah.gg40

We got to catch up with Abram for an interview:

TA: What was the difference this year to dominate the 132lbs division?

JA: The difference was the Jab! I controlled all my fights with the jab used my height kept my distance & Showed Ring Generalship.

TA: what is next after the tournament?

JA: What’s Next is to Go to Nationals & Win that also. Bring the Championship back home to the 216! After that, Plans are to Turn Pro & continue to Improve & Get Better!

TA: Any shout outs?

JA: I would Like to Thank my Coach Joseph Delguyd & Alex Cooper 1st off! & all of my Old School Boxing team for support! All helped in making me better

follow Jeremy Abram https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.abram.75

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