TRUassassin Fight Gear Presents The Black Ops Training Glove

TRUassassin Fight Gear creates the Matte Black “Black Ops” Training Glove!

“I wanted to create a glove with stealth quality with an unique look. I went with the matte black shade with black out embossed logos!”-Scott Neal

The Black Ops Training glove is equipped with cowhide matte black leather over a multi layered foam padding. We decided since this is an all purpose training glove, we went with the hook and loop for maximum wrist

This particular glove is in limited supply and a TRUassassin exclusive model. Please be free to give us any reviews on this glove, or any other glove you experienced since we are always striving to improve on all of our products.

This glove is perfect for boxing and MMA training!

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