Cleveland Ohio fighter Victer Crenshaw does battle at the NAAFS Caged Fury 18st against “Worthy” opponent

Victer Crenshaw 5-2
Hometown: Cleveland Ohio
Weight: 155
Height: 5″8″
Reach: 73
Strongstyle Fight Team

This Saturday August 25, Victer Crenshaw steps into the cage at the NAAFS Caged Fury 18 in Charleston WV going up against tough Pittsburgh native, Khama Worthy.
Crenshaw the cagey southpaw says he is in top shape and ready for whatever Worthy brings into the cage.
With 13yrs in wrestling and with collegiate national titles out of Notre Dame in 2008, Crenshaw works out with top competitors in Northeast Ohio such as Nick Duell (former NAAFS title holder), Joe Hieland (collegian champion wrestler and Bellator competitor), Forest Petz (UFC veteran) along with top amateur fighters such as RJ Buck and Dustin Wolf.
Crenshaw brings an unorthodox style, speed, athleticism and sheer determination into the cage. This matchup will definitely be interesting.
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Victer Crenshaw Interview

TA: What made you get into MMA?
VC: “Well, First off I was always interested in MMA. I felt I would be great at it plus after college, there really wasn’t anything after that as far as a wrestling career goes. I seen guys I wrestled with go into MMA, I felt I could excel.
Second, I needed an outlet for the aggression I had growing up through school and college so I felt MMA could be that outlet”.
TA: So Victer, what are your goals in MMA?
VC: Well really I have many goals in mind. My short term goals are to put a string of wins together and win the NAAFS title. Then from there, I’m looking at Bellator, Strike force or which ever comes first and grab titles from there.
My long term goals though are basically win world titles, give back to the people, and really, I just want to be great.

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

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