Fighter’s Ultimate Sacrifices. Are you ready?

By Scott Neal

Fighter’s ultimate sacrifice.. are you prepared? are you ready?  A young kid steps into the gym for the first time. He learns, trains, pours sweat, blood and tears for years trying to master his craft. He is determined to win. He trades play time for hard work gym time. For him, gym time IS play time.. Over time this young kid develops into a young man with skills and talent, all he wants to win and win big.

It’s time. This young man is 20 yrs old now. He is a decorated amateur champion. Managers want him, big promoters him. This young amateur champion’s future looks brilliant with a chance to join one of the biggest promoters in the game with a lucrative contract in the future and train with the best professionals in the game. life is good, but with one exception and maybe the biggest ultimate sacrifice in his life. This young man has a fiance and a child on the way. With training camp 1500 miles away, the young fighter’s fiance is unwilling to pack up and leave 1500 miles away from her friends and loved ones.

With big opportunities 1500 miles away, what does the young fighter do? Does he pack up and leave his family behind to chase his dreams? This Is one of the ultimate sacrifices a fighter faces if he wants to become champion. Becoming a champion comes with not only hard work and dedication, but sacrificing loved ones.

Ok lets fast forward. This young man followed his dream, put in 16 yrs and became 3 time world champion. He has money, fame but he is missing one important thing. Through his journey becoming a 3 time champion, sacrifices were made along the way. Now after the end of his career, his wife is distant, His kids barley know him and even some cases resent him.

In many cases this becomes a reality but I imagine not in all. Becoming a champion is a hell of a thing. Your fight career (if you want to become champion)  has to be top priority. It comes before girlfriends, fiances, wives, even your kids. Its a hard cold fact but with a heart of a champion comes with choices and sacrifices of a champion.

Young amateurs should realize what it really takes to become champion and to make wise decisions early so that the ones down the are not as tough.

Ultimate question… are you ready to be a champion?

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Boxing applied in MMA (fighting on angles)

Boxing strategy on angles applied to MMA

Boxing off angles applied in MMA are the same as classical boxing. The difference would be that the size of the gloves, and the incorporation of kicks, knees, elbows, and clinching.
With these elements, the strategies can change.
One example of attacking using the angles would be:
stepping in with your combination to the head (your opponent using the smaller MMA glove, creating different opportunities for clean body shots with his high guard) pivoting around taking his counter attack away from him, while you’re ripping your combination to the body and head all from the angle.
Landing punches on the angle gives you a higher chance of the knock out.
Its the punch you don’t see coming that hurts you the most!

Snippet from the book “Sweet Science applied in Mma”

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Jessica Eye fights at the NAAFS Rock n Rumble 6

Tonight August 17th 2012 Jessica Eye goes for her 8th win as she currently holds a record of 7-1. Jessica has fought in venues like NAAFS and is now a Bellator fighter. Tonight she fights on the NAAFS rock n rumble 6 at the nautical stage in Cleveland ohio. P
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The Mental Edge

The Mental Edge:

Act Tough- break rapport with your opponents.

Visualize- Before your bouts, picture your self throwing your combinations with precise accuracy, visualize your techniques applied perfectly and with speed, ect. Do not visualize the outcome!

Programming- Feed your mind a positive messages such as “This is what I love to do! This is what I do!”